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Baker's Dozen

Oneohtrix Point Never Talks His 13 Favourite Albums
Rory Gibb , November 18th, 2011 06:43

Following the release of his best full-length so far Replica, Daniel Lopatin, the mind behind Oneohtrix Point Never and one half of Ford & Lopatin, takes us through his 13 favourite albums. Click the image at the bottom to begin.


La Haine OST
Sadly there is nothing that mindblowing on this soundtrack, but the film was my favourite and I listened to the shit out of this CD when I was 15 years old. Basic french hip hop fare -- acid jazzy reggae shit with a heavy dose of Terminator X worship... probably the best track is 'Assassin' which has a really surreal cutaway synth sample moment in it that stuck with me. Basically it's just 'chillin', 'phat' French gangsta rap that is pretty cool if you're trying to cruise in '95. Not everything made it to the soundtrack unfortunately, namely all the American music that was featured, so you have to watch La Haine to get the maximum impact.