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Baker's Dozen

"Rock & Roll Has Nothing To Do With Lists": Luke Haines' Favourite Albums
Luke Turner , November 5th, 2011 14:18

Ahead of his appearance at our Klub Gutenberg next week, Luke Turner talks to Luke Haines about his favourite 13 albums


Mick Head -Magical World Of The Strands
It's the only album I liked in the 90s. I liked the Nirvana albums, but it seems so long ago and a different time, and it seemed so young. I remember the Pale Fountains in the 80s, and I remember him on the radio going on about liking Geoff Love records, those Music For Pleasure albums. I had those albums as well, so he always stuck with me. I thought the Pale Fountains were alright, but they never quite did it, and I never got into Shack. Somehow this album dropped into my hands and I couldn't believe it was the same bloke who was in Shack. Once again they created this magical world. It's obviously one of the most narcoleptic albums ever made, with all these dubious images of ships floating off and queens and whatnot, and these very throwaway lyrics. I liked that, because I'm not really into lyrics, which might sound a bit odd. On other people's records I don't care, which might be why I like Marc Bolan. I could never do an album like this, I'd be far too… it's too untogether, though there's this sense of purpose to it. It's like a mini masterpiece of the 90s, it's just a shame he had to go and keep recording with Shack.