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WATCH: High Places - 'Sonora'
The Quietus , November 3rd, 2011 08:35

Thrill Jockey duo release Popeye-inspired video for 'Sonora'

Thrill Jockey-signed duo High Places have released the latest video from their Original Colours long-player, which is released next week. It features blood, dust and a rather sore looking distended arm, rather less innocent than your average Popeye cartoon - straight out of the Alien school of body horror.

"Originally, I wanted to do a short format project that was loosely based on the original Popeye cartoons," says director Keith Musil. "I presented the idea to High Places on a whim and they ended up really digging it. In the original cartoons, you always had Popeye getting beat down by the villain Bluto over Olive Oyl, their mutual love interest. Popeye almost always has to resort to eating a can of spinach, giving him almost supernatural powers, allowing him to give Bluto the beat down of his life and save Olive Oyl. This video replaces Popeye with Mary Pearson, Olive Oyl with Mary's real life partner Angus Andrew and Bluto as a comical criminal who is in some way is involved with the golf industry. The fight scenes in the original cartoons were extremely violent, we just never saw any blood or realistic impact, in the Sonora video you do (I had also just watched the movie Drive when I wrote it)!"

High Places - Sonora from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.