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Factory Floor To Release Single Through DFA
The Quietus , November 2nd, 2011 10:14

Perennially brilliant London trio to release Two Different Ways through DFA on 14th November. Buy it.

It feels so right seeing Factory Floor's name on a club-primed 12".

Although they've released very little in the way of recorded music, the London trio's reputation as a live band precedes them. Focused firmly on drive, depth and repetition - wielding the latter in particular like a weapon - they're also known for twisting the basic skeletons of their tracks outward into subtly different shapes each time they play. It's fitting that this year members have collaborated with Throbbing Gristle's Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti - there's an open and exploratory bent to Factory Floor's music that very well complements Chris & Cosey's own approach. And like Chris & Cosey, theirs is music designed primarily for physical impact - watching them live, there's a definite sense that you're being battered into submission.

Their excellent new 12" Two Different Ways is due for release through DFA on November 14th, and features two versions of the title track (get it?). It's their first to be released through the long-running New York label, and a good fit for DFA - both tracks are firmly rooted in the mechanics of the dancefloor.

Each version offers a slightly different take on the same sound palette. With its stiff, jerky drum machine percussion and acidic bass, the A-side recalls classic Chicago house, albeit run through a soot-caked industrial filter. Cymbals and claps scattered across the track's surface provide propulsion, but all emphasis is on its caustic central synth motif, in a state of constant flux throughout the track's eight minute duration. On the other hand, the B-side (the second way) is all about heady, jacking percussion. It's less openly corrosive - only acid-flecked, rather than drenched in the stuff - but far more spacious. Both feel primed to do damage to club crowds.

Two Different Ways is released through DFA on 14th November.