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Quietus Arabrot Halloween Gig Details!
The Quietus , October 11th, 2011 12:36

Plus Vile Imbeciles, Dethscalator, Atrocitation!

There was once a superstition that, on all Hallows Eve, all those who were to die in the village over the forthcoming year would rise from their beds and walk, in slumber, to the graveyard, where those who had passed before them would emerge from their grave to proffer glasses of Buck's Fizz and ghoulish vol-au-vents right from purgatory's pantry.

On October 31st at the Shacklewell Arms, the Quietus will recreate this eerie reflection on mortality and the possibilities of intangible snacks of the hereafter with a night of intense and brutal music from three of the heaviest groups we could summon from beyond the threshold of the Great Majority.

And headlining are the mighty Arabrot, whose LP Solar Anus is, we have proclaimed, one of the finest, most brutal albums this year. Indeed, in his review of Solar Anus, John Doran went so far as to proclaim Arabrot "one of Europe's best heavy rock bands" in the review you can read here and you can listen to Arabrot here:

Jovegen by arabrot

Then Vile Imbeciles will be here to promote the latest of their Death Jazz albums. Gutteral and deep of voice, dischordant of song and perplexing of time signature, they will make apalava in your befry. Do not doubt it.

Thinking Shit by VileImbeciles

First up will be Dethscalator, who describe themselves thus: "Dethscalator make music that is heavy and mentally disabled that you could place somewhere between the jabbering gush of Shorty and Drunk’s With Gun's misery-grind." Ye cannot say better.

DETHSCALATOR 'Kicking The Horns Off A Bull' (Split LP w/ Hey Colossus On Black Labs) by Riot Season Records

The Quietus' DJ Atrocitator will be on Gramophone duties playing a crepuscular set of music unpleasant. You can buy tickets here and respond to the Facebook invite here if you like that sort of thing.