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Bit-Phalanx To Release Japan Charity Compilation
The Quietus , September 12th, 2011 05:30

London label to release compilation of electronic music to raise funds for the Earthquake/Tsunami relief effort

London label Bit-Phalanx have teamed up with Japanese electronic artist Coppe' (known for collaborations with the likes of Plaid and The Orb) to release a charity compilation to raise funds for the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami relief effort. The album, entitled Yogurt, sees a host of producers each remix a track of Coppe's entitled (you guessed it), 'Yogurt'. The compilation includes contributions from Minotaur Shock, Kettel, Kelli Alli and more.


'Yogurt (Gareth Clarke remix)'
'Yogurt (T-Toe remix)'
'Yogurt (Kelli Alli's Black Cherry remix)'
'Yogurt (Professor Ojo remix)'
'Yogurt (Mrs Jynx remix)'
'Yogurt (Kilk's With Bits remix)'
'Yogurt (Niggle's Probiotic Suppository)'
'Yogurt (Terminal II's Mango Lassi remix)'
'Yogurt (Fred MoTh Ball remix)'
'Yogurt (Minotaur Shock remix)'
'Yogurt (Mr. O remix)'
'Me No Heart (Libythth's Yogurt remix)'
'Yogurt (Martin Phone's High Culture remix)'
'Yogurt (Kettel & Secede remix)'
'Yogurt (original)'
'Yogurt (The Jash Mash)'
'Yogurt (King Elytron's Dietary Chaos remix)'

Yogurt is due for release on October 3rd, in digi download and limited edition CD