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Bjork Releases New Single From Biophilia
The Quietus , September 7th, 2011 08:22

'Moon', the latest single from Bjork's upcoming album Biophilia, is available from today

In keeping with the technologically-minded, multimedia-embracing approach to its inception and release, the latest single to be taken from Bjork's upcoming Biophilia album has suddenly be unleashed onto the net today. 'Moon' is available in both its single (mp3) and app forms from iTunes.

This app - one of the ten that make up the whole album - contains the song and a music sequencer inspired by the connection between music, the moon and the tides. It's described as: "a musical sequencer arranged as pearls strung out like ribs projecting from a central spine. Each pearl sounds in sequence and can play any note from the song’s pitch collection. Fluid in the spine rises and falls with the moon above and tides below, and pearls play when fluid spills out from the spine and washes over them. In song mode the phase of the moon changes with the song structure. In instrument-mode drag your finger across the pearls to change their phase and you change their corresponding pitch. Tap on the moon to change its phase, the amount of fluid it pulls up through the spine, and the number of pearls activated by the fluid."

The song's already found its way on YouTube:

Biophilia is being released in full on October 10th through One Little Indian.