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Mary Anne Hobbs To Present Xfm Shows 5 Days A Week
The Quietus , August 22nd, 2011 08:43

Champion of all manner of electronic brilliance to present a relaunched Music:Response show from Monday to Thursday every week

Radio listeners will soon have the chance to listen to Mary Anne Hobbs' velveteen tones almost every day of the week. Hobbs is set to relaunch Xfm's Music:Response show on September 5th, which will air every Monday to Thursday from 8-11pm. As one of the UK's finest radio broadcasters, she's been hugely influential on the current state of especially electronic music - with her long-running Radio 1 Experimental show (which she left last year), she championed the emergent sounds of dubstep long before they reached the wider public eye.

This announcement brings Hobbs' presence on Xfm up to a grand total of five days a week, which, as a few posters on Twitter have adroitly noted, is 'a total victory for music'.

It'll be interesting to see how Music:Response ties in with her her usual mix of experimental sounds and electronica, much of which doesn't necessarily fit well with a weeknight, primetime radio audience. According to Xfm's announcement, the show 'will bring listeners across the UK the best in indie, rock, electronica and dubstep, as well as the biggest guests, sessions and mixes from the cream of the world's most exciting and forward thinking artists".

After her surprise departure from Radio 1 last year, Hobbs started a new show on Xfm this July, which will continue to run at its normal time, every Saturday from 7-10pm.