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David Lynch Announces Debut Album
The Quietus , August 16th, 2011 11:50

Legendary film director follows last year's 'Good Day Today' single with full length album, entitled Crazy Clown Time

You know something's gone tremendously right when master-of-the-cinematic-odd David Lynch writes a pop album. Following on from last year's peculiar-but-compelling 'Good Day Today' single, his debut full-length Crazy Clown Time is due for release on November 7th. The album title's perfect for a release by Lynch, neatly in line with his penchant for skewed characters and off-key situations.

Lynch's films are obsessed with sound - you only need watch Eraserhead, with its constant background roar of white/machine noise, or hear the slow, trippy dub of Angelo Badalamenti's soundtracks to Lost Highway and Twin Peaks to get some idea of how central it's been to his cinematic approach.

Despite that, Lynch describes himself as a 'non-musician'.

"The love of experimenting with sound and music is what was driving this boat," he says of the album. "All of the songs on the album started as a jam. The jams eventually found a form and lyrics appeared." The result is self-described as "modern blues".

Crazy Clown Time was recorded over several months at his own studio, and promises 'hypnotic rhythms and enigmatic lyrics', but then that combination is hardly a surprise - it's par for the course where Lynch is concerned. It also features guest vocals from Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O on opener 'Pinky's Dream'. Tracklist in full:

'Pinky's Dream'
'Good Day Today'
'So Glad'
'Noah's Ark'
'Football Game'
'I Know'
'Strange and Unproductive Thinking'
'The Night Bell With Lightning'
'Stone's Gone Up'
'Crazy Clown Time'
'These Are My Friends'
'Speed Roadster'
'Movin' On'
'She Rise Up'

Crazy Clown Time is released on November 7th on Sunday Best Recordings.