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WATCH: Bjork 'Crystalline' Video
Luke Turner , July 26th, 2011 04:40

Michel Gondry-directed video online now

More exciting Biophilia material from Camp Bjork, this time in the form of a fascinating new video for the track 'Crystalline'. The video, directed by Michel Gondry, takes elements of the digital animation from the 'Crystalline' app, and introduces Bjork (in the batty breakdown at the end with a massive wig looking like Uncle Peter from Vic & Bob).

Interestingly, before the app men got involved there had been talk of Biophilia being a 3D film produced in collaboration with National Geographic, with Michel Gondry directing. But as Bjork explained to the Quietus when we visited her last month, the larger film project had proved impractical. "I contacted Michel Gondry, and he started working on a script with my friend Sean, who is a poet," Bjork explained.

"Meanwhile we were developing the songs, and getting it more and more finished, and each idea was getting more and more developed with references with how the interactivity should be. With Michel we were running into problems because we couldn't work out how to do it in human scale.

"It was 'so yes, and then the pendulum comes flying, and there are all these ropes… the ropes, yes.' It was all human scale, well how can it make a sharp seventh? It was a nightmare. So we really tried to solve that, but it wasn't meant to be." Read The Quietus Bjork interview here.