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Årabrot New Album Details
The Quietus , July 15th, 2011 09:27

Albini-produced Solar Anus to turn shit into gold

As regular readers will know, Norwegian necromantic power duo Årabrot are long-term favourites in tQ HQ. Their mighty, sinuous 'I Rove' is, we would argue, one of the greatest tracks in recent times. We're therefore gritting our teeth hard and preparing a violent scream unto the moon in excitement that we can unveil details of their new album.

Solar Anus (oh yes) will be released by Fysisk Format on September 9th. The album was produced by Steve Albini, and the groups say that "most of the tracks were kept clean, open and focused on the primitive force of rhythms, chords and guttural vocals spitting out filthy prose."

And what of this filthy prose? "The title and part of the thematic inspiration of the album is from the french literate Georges Bataille. Like Bataille, Arabrot is fascinated by the joy and energy of unifying the high and the low, the filth and the pure, the animalistic and the divine in man." Such is our Tuesday afternoon.

Arabrot's Kjetil Nernes says: "Gold indicates the sun as we hail Bataille’s take on the subject of abjection. Solar Anus betokened the Golden Calf - juxtaposed between utmost evil and greater sanctity. Such as the eternal radiance of heaven or the egregious iniquities of the abyss. Or the alchemist of The Holy Mountain converting faeces into gold." You can listen to Solar Anus track 'Madonna Was A Whore' below. Full tracklist below that, the album will be out on CD, vinyl with download codes and "as digital virus".

Årabrot - Madonna Was A Whore by TigerFysiskFormat

'And The Ass Had Spoken'
'Madonna Was A Whore'
'Auto Da Fe'
'The Wheel Is Turning Full Circle'