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LISTEN: New Dave ID Album
The Quietus , June 1st, 2011 15:01

Three tracks from Response available here

Dave ID has long been talked about in the context of some of the Quietus' favourite pioneers of metallic sturm & clang - Liars, Neubauten, and Chris & Cosey. This is what drew us in, and this is what makes his forthcoming album Response so intriguing. Many thinking 'influence' means 'copy' will scoff at these comparisons, for it's only after few listens that their impact on Dave ID really comes to the fore. He takes a stern template and adds a whole lot of soul over the top - it's as if those mewling Blubstep Jims had been taken for a much-needed trip to Club Kink. You can read our Ben's interview with Dave ID here (discussion of Cabaret Voltaire etc) and listen to three tracks from Response below. The album is out in July, let us know what you think in the comments.