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Intriguing New Music Format Launches
The Quietus , May 25th, 2011 19:21

It'll never play the same track the same way twice

Flightier and more lightheaded souls than ourselves will no doubt be proclaiming the the Bronze Format to be The Future And Saviour Of Music. We wouldn't go that far, but we certainly think it is very interesting. Bronze is a format developed by Gwilym Gold and producer Lexxx. They say this: "Bronze is a new non-interactive music format in which recorded material is transformed in real time, generating a unique and constantly evolving interpretation of a song on each listen." The software, which you can download to your Mac and will soon be able to play on PC, telephones, iPad &c plays a piece of music - but it'll never do it in the same way twice. The first track to appear in the Bronze format will be Mr Gold's first solo single 'Flesh Freeze', and you can get to grips with it, and the Bronze format here. As soon as there's a PC version you can all get to grips with, we'll let you know and run an interview with Gwilym and Lexxx.