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Angular Sign XL!
Luke Turner , May 22nd, 2011 08:20

Historic deal inked at Independent Label Market

One of the most intriguing items on sale the Independent Label Market on Berwick Street was a special offer from XL Recordings, who had put together a Label Starter Kit. This featured the masters of an EP called 'Fresh Touch', recorded by XL boss Richard Russell and studio engineer Rodaidh McDonald in Ethiopia, and featuring both local and well-known Western musicians. Also in the kit was a contract and the copyright to the songs. The Quietus was intrigued to see some intense-looking conversation going on between Angular boss Joe Daniel and Richard Russell - and it transpires that this was the pair of them negotiating a last-minute deal for 'Fresh Touch' to see its release on the Angular imprint. We dropped Joe Daniel a line to find out about the most exciting signing this year:

Did you go into Independent Label Market with the aim of signing the XL EP?

Joe Daniel: It crossed my mind when they first announced it, but then on the day I was so caught up in running the whole thing that I completely forgot about it until we were packing away and I saw the XL guys about to hand over the masters to someone else, so I ran over and muscled in.

Why were you so confident that you wanted to sign it before hearing it? What did you love about the artist?

JD: I knew it would be interesting because I'd figured out who was on it but when I had a little skip through the tracks on an iPod I thought it sounded really cool. I also had a few hundred quid from the market and thought it would be fun to blow it all on a whim.

Did they have any other suitors? How did you sweeten your deal?

JD: Yes there were a couple of others who made offers. I think having the cash upfront was what sweetened it.

What can Angular as a label offer the group?

JD: A whole lotta love.

What plans for promo do you have?

JD: I feel like it will be quite a low key release, shrouded in mystery and enigma, but I definitely want to book them in for a Black Cab Session as well at some point.

Will Angular perhaps offer something similar next year? Will Joe Angular pick up the axe again?

JD: Haha, I am picking up the 'axe' next month to play in Milkteeth, the Angular supergroup. Maybe if we get our shit together XL will wanna release our EP next year.

And finally, will there be one of Angular Records' mysterious burials involving the EP?

JD: Yes! Hopefully in Ethiopia.