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Baker's Dozen

Bakers Dozen: Liam Gallagher and Andy Bell's 13 Favourite Albums
Julian Marszalek , April 5th, 2011 07:18

Speaking on behalf of Beady Eye, Messrs Liam Gallagher and Andy Bell tell us their favourite records


The La's - The La's
LG: Lee Mavers is a moody little fucker but you need people like him every now and again. You should be able to dance to The La’s but it’s not all about dancing; it’s about music.

AB: To me, The La’s is a dance record; this is what I like dancing to.

LG: Who says you need to dance? I’ve never danced in my fucking entire life. I don’t feel the need. I’ll jump about but I’ve never felt the need to dance. There are millions of people like me who don’t need to dance to listen to music. You never heard The La’s make an indie-dance crossover record because they believed what they believed in.

AB: It took me a while to appreciate this album, and with ‘There She Goes’ I thought that was all there was. I didn’t hear the album properly until I’d joined Oasis. I think Noel [Gallagher] was playing a compilation tape and ‘Looking Glass’ came on and I said, “What the hell is this?” and that got me into them and I’ve never looked back.

LG: Lee Mavers is a fucking dude, man. He’s set in his ways and I fucking love him.

AB: The more time goes by, the more it gets bigger. If Mavers followed this up he’d ruin everything, which is his paradox.

LG: But that’s his genius, innit? Him doing Wembley Stadium wouldn’t have worked.