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Baker's Dozen

Killing Joke's Youth On His 13 Favourite Records
The Quietus , March 29th, 2011 10:14

In our latest Baker's Dozen feature, Youth tells us about his 13 favourite albums


The Beatles - The Beatles [aka The White Album]
This is my favourite Beatles album, although it does change. I love the dynamics and the songs – from ‘Helter Skelter’, one of the best scary rock vocals ever recorded, to ‘Blackbird’, one of the most beautiful and fragile. ‘Glass Onion’ and ‘I’m So Tired’ are two of Lennon’s best songs; he’s screaming naked on the floor, in a total-agony-of-the-soul vibe.

It’s the beginning of alternative music by, ironically, the most mainstream band in the world at the time.