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Baker's Dozen

Baker's Dozen: J Mascis On His 13 Favourite Records
The Quietus , March 17th, 2011 09:44

The slacker/ shoegaze guitar demon fesses up about his top albums


Discharge - Decontrol
I prefer this record to Discharge’s studio albums; I guess each of those gets a little worse after the first one, even though I like all of them, but all their best stuff was on singles which they didn't put on an album.

I was trying to find more punk records and reading stuff about them when I was pretty young – I was still a teenager – and I also had a radio show at the college with a friend, the only other guy I knew who was into punk from high school. And there was this older English guy who had a radio show too, and he'd be finding these new records, so we were finding out about third generation of punk in England and hardcore in the States. He was 25, or 28, when we were like 15. But Discharge was too much for that guy, so we knew we were onto something; it was a different generation, and it was too noisy for the old guys. It was happening for us.