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Baker's Dozen

Baker's Dozen: J Mascis On His 13 Favourite Records
The Quietus , March 17th, 2011 09:44

The slacker/ shoegaze guitar demon fesses up about his top albums


Black Sabbath - Sabotage
I was 12 when I first heard this. I'd heard about them from hanging out with older guys. And my brother. It was the time when I want to Junior High and I just felt like dropping out of society. I made a conscious decision that I didn't like… people [laughs]. So that was when I started listening to Sabbath; that was part of the appeal, because all these druggy and dangerous older guys were into them.

It sounded amazing. Especially on headphones... the song would be really quiet and you'd almost be falling asleep, and then it would kick in and you'd wake up. The dynamics are really good. People talk about loud and soft, and to me this was the first record like that. They way they went from electric straight into acoustic guitar and back again… that was definitely where I got the idea to do it from, anyway.