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WATCH: New Radiohead 'Lotus Flower' Video
Luke Turner , February 18th, 2011 05:17

First King Of Limbs track online. PLUS! LP OUT NOW! Photograph by Sebastian Edge

A man from the 90s, wearing a hat, dancing funny? No, come back, it's not a new video from Jamiroquai, but the first full-fat track from Radiohead's new album King Of Limbs, which of course comes out tomorrow. The video for 'Lotus Flower', a song that Radiohead have been playing live for the past year, sees York rendered in black and white, hat on head, performing some seriously peculiar dance moves. It's a pretty interesting track too, one of those lurking, mid-pace pieces that tie together Radiohead albums so well. Lyrics about wanting the moon on a stick, and so on. Oh and looking at that video and then their new press shot, above, it seems that most of Radiohead are spending a lot of time at the local milliners. Big hat theme to the new sound. UPDATE We've just received news that Radiohead's new album King Of Limbs is actually going to be released today, earlier than planned. A statement from the group reads "With everything ready on their website, the band decided to bring forward the release by a day rather than wait until the planned date of Saturday, Feb 19 to deliver the music." You can visit the Radiohead website to buy it for £6.