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Cee Lo Green On His 13 Favourite Records
Ben Hewitt , January 4th, 2011 07:14

The Lady Killer himself, Cee-Lo Green, steps up to the plate and divulges his 13 favourite albums to The Quietus


De La Soul - De La Soul Is Dead
I love Three Feet High And Rising as well - I could have taken up two slots! De La Soul are just one of my all time favourite groups, and happen to be personal friends of mine as well. Three Feet High... was a more manic album, there were all kind of little bits and pieces of things that I love, and songs like 'Can You Keep A Secret'. But De La Soul Is Dead was a reaffirmation; they were typecast as hippies and they resented that, similar to how the Goodie Mob were typecast as being country - we may have been Southern, but we weren't country. There's something defiant about it. This is when they were concentrated, and not random and manic like Three Feet..., which is great as well - but this is streamlined, but still just as alternative and experimental. And a lot more effective.