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Baker's Dozen

Cee Lo Green On His 13 Favourite Records
Ben Hewitt , January 4th, 2011 07:14

The Lady Killer himself, Cee-Lo Green, steps up to the plate and divulges his 13 favourite albums to The Quietus


Dr Dre - The Chronic
It was just a very definitive moment in not only West Coast hip hop, but hip hop in general. It was a bridge - it was young hip hop with an old soul, which made it alternative. Rap was still fairly young at that point. I had a friend who was a very cool guy, he had the weed, and always had a demeanour about him - 'I know something you don't'. He had an advance copy, which made it even cooler. Almost every break beat there is is used on that album, which gives you an unwritten indication that anyone could have done it - but of course, that's not true. Technically, he started where we all had to start from, which is the bottom. That's what's cool about it.