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LAIBACH Hit London Next Week
The Quietus , December 10th, 2010 11:03

NSK passports at the ready...

The mighty Laibach are to play two dates in London next week as part of the celebrations of 30 years of pan-National industrial subversion. The group play the London Garage on December 15th and Glasgow, the Classic Grand the next day. Promise Laibach: "For these 30th Anniversary shows, the group will present newly arranged versions of some of their rarely performed songs from the first half of 1980's, including the notorious 'Drzava' (The State), 'Brat moj' (Brother of Mine), 'Mi kujemo bodocnost' (We Are Forging The Future) 'Krvava gruda' - plodna zemlja (Bloody Ground - Fertile Soil) as well as the selection of material from their later albums." In other exciting Laibach news, the group are currently working on the soundtrack to incredible new Nazis-from-the-moon film Iron Sky. See the trailer and hear some Laibach below: