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Win: A Feature On Your Band On The Quietus!
John Doran , September 16th, 2010 03:47

Do you fancy your band appearing in an Escape Velocity feature on the Quietus? Well all you have to do is record a cover version of the Dead Kennedy's 'Nazi Punks Fuck Off' and get it in to us by Monday morning.

There's one catch however; the lyrics must audibly say, "Nazi Pope, fuck off!"*

If we receive more than one entry then what we judge to be the most interesting cover will win. (In a tie break situation we may ask the contestants to also record a version of Daniel Johnson's 'Caspar The Friendly Ghost' but with the words changed to "Kaspar the racist cardinal".)

Normal terms and conditions apply. All entries must be received by Monday 8am, GMT. John and Luke's decision, which will patently be ill-thought out and display a shocking lack of good taste, will, nonetheless, be final.

And for the record I'd like to say the selection of song title is joke and should be taken as such. There should be no stigma attached to anyone having been in the Hitler Youth. Most young people in Germany of that generation were members and it was far from an unusual thing. Speaking as a child who was hoodwinked into joining the cubs at the age of eight, I certainly would have been a member if the boot were on the other foot. (I'd like to extend a sincere apology to MB, GS and all other friends of the Quietus who had relatives who were in the Hitler Youth, I'm sure they know what we're driving at.)

What isn't a common trait of German people, in my experience however, is one of harbouring known paedophiles, promoting the spread of AIDS and teenage pregnancy, gross homophobia, sexism and racism.

So it's not just if you dislike the church full stop but if you even want to see reform in the RCC please join us in singing: "Nazi Pope fuck off!"