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Watch: Klaxon Interview Surrealist Director Jack Bond
David Moats , September 13th, 2010 06:58

Klaxons frontman Jamie Reynolds takes a stroll with legendary surrealist filmmaker Jack Bond on

Jack Bond (the avant-garde director, not the cricketer) is probably most famous for being the only director to complete a documentary film with the cooperation of Salvador Dali, although if you’ve seen the film “cooperation” doesn’t realy describe Dali’s behaviour. He also completed several iconic surrealist films with his partner, the femnist writer and actress Jane Arden, including Separation (1967), The Other Side of the Underneath (1972), Vibration (1975), and Anti-Clock (1979). After Arden’s suicide in 1982, he forbade the films to be shown until the BFI recently convinced him to reissue the films on DVD.

This Monday, on Vice Magazine’s, you can watch Jaimie Reynolds of Klaxons fame talk to the ridiculously charming 71 year old Bond about surrelism, astrology and how he managed to misplace a live bear and a bus full of metal patients in the course of one film.

Check out www.VBS.TV from Monday 13th for the full film.

You can watch the trailer here.

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