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A Game Of Chess: Akira The Don Takes On Gonzales & Talks Ivory Tower
The Quietus , September 6th, 2010 13:25

Akira The Don might be an accomplished and hard-slaving producer/rapper/arranger/blogger/notable feature of the musical internet, an esteemed man of letters, and possessed of the finest facial hair in Hackney Wick... but does he know anything about chess? The brilliant polymath Mr Chilly Gonzales doesn't think so, as you'll see when he raises a wry and bushy eyebrow at Akira's moves in a game of chess as they discuss, among other things, his new film, the jazz-chess spectacular Ivory Tower, which stars his old chums Peaches and Tiga.


Thanks to Joe Roberts of the Independent Content Company, Akira the Don and the good ladies of Bang On