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Listen: Walls Remix Wilco's 'Poor Places'
The Quietus , June 3rd, 2010 09:15

Our oceangaze favourite Walls cosmically vapourise a track from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

"Why do they have to have that fucking 'Penny Lane' / 'Sergeant Pepper' bit in the middle?" asks John of the original version of Wilco's 'Poor Places'. "The drum fill suggests it'd be more at home on the theme music for Cheers or following an Eastenders cliff-hanger". 'Tis a happy day, then, that the excellent Walls have reworked the song into something that takes such canonical flourishes down to the smelters. Given that Jeff Tweedy unfortunately succumbed to one of the most joyless addictions available to us in modern times, that of the legal painkiller, which has all of the negative and debilitating effects one would expect, but none of the highs. Walls perhaps imagine an alternative universe where Tweedy got addled by something a bit more naughty. Once again, one of the Quietus' songs of the summer, 10cc's 'I'm Not In Love' makes its welcome presence felt. Anyone who has rutted themselves into a sex coma listening to Gayngs Relayted should perhaps have a bath while listening to this.

Wilco - Poor Places (Walls Remix) by theQuietus