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Klaxons 'Flashover' Instant Review
The Quietus , May 25th, 2010 15:08


So it's been years in the making, with rumours of strange shenanegans, major label goons weeping into their cornflakes about a decidedly uncommercial sound - but this evening Klaxons have unleashed new track 'Flashover'. So how is it?

Well, it starts off with a dense, part-electronic thrash that sits nicely next to what Liars have been doing on Sisterworld. It being Klaxons, there's that terrific pop sensibility that's been part of what they're about since their early gigs at tiny London clubs like White Heat, where they were possibly the most technically inept band in Christendom. How far have they come from that? Light years. 'Flashover' (which, incidentally, is a massive fireball resulting from the instant conflagration of dangerously feisty substances) features a curious piano bit that instantly makes you think "ah, so this is what Muse would have sounded like if they weren't shit". The increased musicality makes us even think of The Cardiacs. They also talked a good game about the concepts and form behind the music, but aside from 'Golden Skans' you couldn't help but be unconvinced. But 'Flashover' is exactly the sort of music they were describing, but didn't quite pull of. There's a real eschatological quality that people who have stopped taking a lot of drugs get - explosions, imagination, aliens from outer space all make appearances. Plus, fantastic use of the word "myriad". What do you think: