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Deerhoof Reissue Classic Albums For Record Store Day
James Hodgson , March 2nd, 2010 09:40

Record Store Day 2010 is fast approaching us on April 17th and to celebrate the fact Deerhoof have decided to reissue their classic album Apple O’ and the undeservedly obscure EP Green Cosmos an vinyl.

Record Store Day is all about celebrating your local independent record store and helping to keep those guys open and able to sell you lovely vinyl issues of albums such as these two Deerhoof treasures coming out that day.

The classic 2003 record Apple O’ comes on blue vinyl with expanded artwork to boot and as an extra there are four unreleased bonus tracks that are included that you can get with a free download code which is very likely to come on a small piece of paper with which it will be up to you to use before it slips down the back of the sofa or something.

The little heard Green Cosmos EP from 2005 is being released of vinyl for the first time ever and is treated with a lovely milky green colour and also come with a free download code for four extra songs.

Apple O'

  1. Dummy Discards A Heart

  2. My Diamond Star Car

  3. Heart Failure

  4. Panda Panda Panda

  5. Apple Bomb

  6. Flower

  7. Sealed With A Kiss

  8. L'Amour Stories

  9. Hayley And Homer

  10. Dinner For Two

  11. The Forbidden Fruits

  12. Adam + Eve Connection

  13. Blue Cash

Plus bonus tracks:

Dummy Discards A Heart - live 2003

The Forbidden Fruits - chris demo

Panda Panda Panda - first performance 2002

My Diamond Star Car - live 2002

Green Cosmos

  1. Green Cosmos

  2. Byun

  3. Hot Mint Air Baloon

  4. Koneko Kitten

  5. Come See The Duck

  6. Malalauma

  7. Spiral Golden Town

Plus bonus tracks:

Spiral Golden Town - greg demo

Hot Mint Air Baloon - live 2004

Come See The Duck live 2005

Koneko Kitten - rehearsal 2004

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