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The Quietus Reductive & Subjective Albums Of The Year 20 - 1
The Quietus , December 8th, 2009 09:47

We continue the countdown of our favourite records of 2009


17. Ben Frost - By The Throat
"Born in Melbourne but now hailing from Iceland, Ben Frost deals in a soundscape of processed industrial fizzing and hiss, samples of the howling of wolves, strange thuds as if heard through a distant strata. Indeed, you could argue that By The Throat makes for an interesting companion piece to Quietus favourite King Cannibal's Let The Night Roar - both create similar feelings of nocturnal unease, and unspecified threat. But where Let The Night Roar is a Mitcham post-Threads nuclear blast, By The Throat is humanity a few centuries along, clinging to a bleak existence on sparse rocks in the midst of eternal winter, cultural memory wiped, and listening in vain for the electronic beeps of a signal that spells solace and rescue." Luke Turner