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New Spiritualized Album In 2010?
Ben Hewitt , November 25th, 2009 09:59

Record influenced by Ladies And Gentlemen... reissue

Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce has revealed that the band could release a new album next year - and that it has been influenced by the forthcoming reissue of Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space.

In an interview with The Quietus, Pierce admitted that revisiting the album had had an impact on the new batch of songs he and the band are currently recording.

When asked if listening to Ladies And Gentlemen... had inspired him to work on a similar sounding record now, he replied: "Not like it - not to go 'Oh, let's do that'. I'm not a big believer in backward steps, or thinking 'Well, that worked then, let's do it again'.

"But, I am making a record. And I'd be lying's very weird to lay out something you did 12 years ago in all its complexity and then get inside it enough to be able to play it live, and not have that get into some of the newer stuff we're doing.

"It's early days. We've put down some great, great songs...I think what [listening to] Ladies And Gentlemen... has done is raised the bar in a different way. Rather than just copying the sonics of that record and saying 'How did we use to do it?' or 'We used to do it like this', it's raised the bar, and I think that's good."

After being asked when the record would be released, he answered: "Um...when it's done. I can't answer questions like that, when it's done. But hopefully next year.

"It's looking good, but you know when you've finished. We shall see."