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Hardcore Hero Chuck Biscuits Still Alive!
Josh Saco , October 29th, 2009 12:30

Internet idiocy sinks to new levels of wankery

*He's not dead! It was all some 'hilarious' prank, involving facebook apparently*

More details and links over at Blabbermouth

Which kind of makes these words by our hardcore honcho Josh Saco redundant. So instead go and do what he's probably already doing and play the Repo Man soundtrack really loud while drinking a mug of whiskey.

Long live Chuck!

At 44, Chuck Biscuits was a mere child among the ever shortening list of US Hardcore pioneers.

Age means little when doing battle with the big C and the DOA founding member succumbed last Saturday. The news of his death was announced in an email yesterday morning from a family member, extending their thanks for support.

After recording the DOA classic “Hardcore ‘81” he left to tour with Henry “Man's Man” Rollins and Black Flag but the two power houses didn’t get on too well. To quote Rollins, Biscuits was a “fuck up”.

Not one to give up easily, Chuck picked up the sticks to play with the Circle Jerks. Recording 'Coup d’État' and 'When the Shit Hits The Fan' for the Repo Man OST, before moving on once again.

Eventually finding a more stable home with the mighty midget Glenn Danzig as a founding member of his devil loving, titular troupe. Befriending Rick Rubin along the way he lent his skills to Run DMC amongst others.

Due to royalty disagreements, he moved on again leaving the classic Danzig line up after Danzig 4 and joined the ego monster sometimes referred to as Mike Ness and spent 3 years touring and recording with Social Distortion before finally hanging up his skins in ’99.

Mike Ness said “That’s Chuck Biscuits on the drums!!!” and the crowd roared, sadly he followed that intro with “…Dennis Danell on rhythm guitar…” Dennis died in 2000, shortly after Chuck quit.

It’s a sad day when anyone dies, but when a punk rock drummer who has passed through so many influential bands and played on so many classic albums passes, I suppose it makes you realise the beat doesn’t always go on.

RIP. Our condolences to Chuck's friends and family.

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