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These New Puritans Unveil New Album
The Quietus , October 27th, 2009 14:34

Out January. Album of January. Utterly astounding.

The Quietus is currently listening to a stream of These New Puritans second album Hidden. It features colossal drums, smaller drums, medium drums, many drums going off at once like fireworks, a grown up choir, a kids choir, woodwind, brass and fuck me if that isn't a gamelan influence.

This is a deeply exciting record that will make those doubters who deemed TNP a Fall tribute gruppe consume their headgear.

Anyway, Hidden was produced by Graham Sutton (he of Bark Psychosis) and Jack Barnett, and is out on January 19th, 2010.

The tracklisting looks like this:

'Time Xone'
'We Want War'
'Three Thousand'
'Attack Music'
'Drum Courts'
'Where Corals Lie'
'White Chords'
'5 '