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Slayer's 'World Painted Blood' To Include 'Playing With Dolls' Short
Ben Hewitt , October 14th, 2009 10:35

Film trailer on deluxe version of album

The deluxe version of Slayer's World Painted Blood will come with a trailer for the horror film Playing With Dolls.

The 20 minute film was made by long time Slayer fan Mark Brooks who created a 12 episode video-graphic novel inspired by songs on World Painted Blood including the track from which it takes its name, 'Playing With Dolls'.

Brooks said of his film: "It's not live action and it's not animated. It's a weird hybrid of the two, and I haven't seen a lot of things done this way.

"It's a little weirder than your regular blood n' guts type thing," which I think is a reflection of Slayer's music."

The deluxe version of World Painted Blood will be released on November 3.