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Pavement Interview - Bob Spills His Guts!
John Doran , October 13th, 2009 05:39

No new material...

When we heard that Pavement were reforming, we did a celebratory dance and then dropped our friend Bob Nastanovich a line to get the skinny. He revealed that they won't be recording new material, dressing like a pimp gives you an energy surge and that fans of 'Recorder Grot Rally' shouldn't get their hopes up too high . . .

Alright Bob, how's it hanging?

Bob Nastanovich: Getting fit by drinking with my dear friend Jon McArthur here in Chicago's Ukrainian Village.

So I'm guessing that Pavement never had a "when hell freezes over" kind of falling out to get over like The Eagles but why are you getting back together now?

BN: No, we quit in 1999 because we were exhausted, didn't know what direction to go in and Stephen wanted to do something else. We might as well reunite. And did it take a lot of prolongued dialogue and intense meetings fueled by whisky drinking? No, our longtime U.S. booking agent Boche had dinner with Stephen in Chicago this Summer and they agreed to work on Pavement in 2010. The rest of us have always been willing.

This is great news by the way; are we likely to see you playing Hull Adelphi again?

BN: I'd love to - let's hope so. Either way, I'll look forward to visiting 'God's Own City' (Hull) to see beloved old friends.

**I heard that when Motley Crue got back together they all had seperate backstage areas and even different stage exits so they didn't have to bump into one another; how do you lot get on now?**

BN: We hardly ever see each other. I don't expect any difficulties.

Have you talked to the others about what sort of material you'll be playing; after all there isn't really a Pavement hits set as such. I guess what I'm saying is you attract very mental/passsionate fans who are very vocal in what period of Pavement they consider to be the best...

BN: Unfortunately, it's not up to me. I hope they choose 30-40 numbers for us to play soon. I'd like to play ones like 'Stop Breathing', 'Type Slowly', 'Transport Is Arranged'. That tempo suits my declining physical condition.

Are there any bits of the back catalogue that you won't be revisiting?

BN: I imagine 'Recorder Grot Rally' from Demolition Plot J-7 will be passed over.

Will you do new material?

BN: No.

Is this a once and once only kind of deal?

BN: I'm pretty sure that's the case.

How is your luck with the horses holding?

BN: I just watched the best one I own a piece of, the filly Exotic Indy, break down in a race at Belmont Park (New York). It's a shame.

Last time I saw you, you were wearing a bad ass shiny purple suit that a Jamaican lady had tailored for you. What look are you rocking this season?

BN: The same style of clothing I've worn since kindergarten. However, I plan to revisit the aforementioned Jamaican tailor as soon as I can get back to London's 'Murder Mile'. I get an energy rush when dressed as a Jamaican pimp.

Watch this space for an interview with Pavement's Scott Kannberg