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Andrew WK Vs Chilly Gonzales Piano Battle: The Quietus Movie
The Quietus , October 7th, 2009 13:48

Akira the Don's movie of the musical battle of the century

So the other weekend our man Akira The Don went over to New York to witness, nay judge the piano battle that he had cunningly instigated during an interview with Andrew WK.

Now, he's edited together footage from this most auspicious one-off event to give the TRUE, the FULL, the UNEXPURGATED account of how Chilly Gonzales emerged victorious.

Andrew W.K. VS Gonzales: The Piano Battle from akdonovan on Vimeo.

Thanks to Big Machine Media for shooting for us. Find additional footage here and in Self-Titled Mag.

Visit Akira the Don's website for more of his wonderful words, pictures, music and comprehensive range of merchandise.