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Kevin Cummins Hits The North – Joy Division To Oasis Caught On Camera
John Tatlock , September 30th, 2009 07:26

As legendary NME snapper Kevin Cummins exhibits photographs of his Mancunian muse in Yorkshire, we present a gallery of his photographs and hear the curious story of Ian Curtis' pink suit. Interviews by John Tatlock


New Order by Kevin Cummins Studio, 58 Baring Street, Manchester, 1 November 1985

As far as New Order are concerned, photography is a piece of piss — it took ten minutes to do this. But what they don't know is, the day before, we spent a day working on that shot. I got three friends and my assistant down to be New Order, and we shot it all in different ways, working on the framing.

In those days you didn't have digital, so we'd have to put the film in to develop and get it back a couple of hours later to see what it looked like, and then re-work the shot and send the film away again and so on.

So everything was in place after working that shot out for maybe eight hours. And they turned up the next day, and I said "Right. Stand there, and don't move." And shot two rolls of film, maybe two or three frames with each of them in the foreground. So they think it's all dead easy.