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a-ha Video Interview: Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, Moisturiser & Drugs
Adam Narkiewicz , August 13th, 2009 12:17

Knowing me, Akira the Don, ah ha. knowing you a-ha. Ah HA!

It's been something of a glorious second wind for a-ha, with their excellent new album Foot Of The Mountain being showered with praise by critics and fans old and new alike.

Akira the Don sat down with Mags and Morten for an amiable chinwag about their return, the influence of Morrissey and Leonard Cohen on a-ha, that Family Guy episode, and the benefits of a good moisturiser.

Watch Akira the Don's a-ha video interview below:

Akira The Don Vs A-Ha - The Foot Of The Mountain Interview from akdonovan on Vimeo.

For more Akira the Don, including exclusive mixtapes, art, thoughts and shoes, visit his website. Interview filmed by Michael Kinsella-Perks.