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Beating Around The Bush: The Dubya Era In Films
The Quietus , August 13th, 2009 08:42

As GI Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra - the last of the Bush-era films hit our screens - The Quietus celebrates this odd cinematic era. By David Moats and Josh Saco



Perhaps not the best time to adapt this particular Frank Miller graphic novel about 300 white dudes fending off a vaguely middle eastern army, what with all the quasi-religious wars going on. It's certainly a bit odd, seeing the westerners as the underdogs, resorting to um, terrorist-like tactics. The film faithfully and entertainingly captures the tone of the book but without being the least bit critical of the racism (and sexism) inherent in the story. The film is preposterous enough that I can't imagine it propagating any more racial tension than already exists, unless of course middle eastern peoples are actually 8 ft tall, be-jewelled androgynous with leper slaves.