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Rock & Roll Hospital: A Quietus Injury Round Up
Ben Hewitt , August 11th, 2009 11:16

Crystal Castles, No Age Round Robin, Snow Patrol and Jet all suffer unfortunate injuries

Live fast and die young may be the ultimate rock & roll motto, but there's nothing cool about risking your personal health in some crazy musician stunt. Unfortunately, some people never learn. In a week which has seen various indie darlings sustain some pretty nasty injuries, The Quietus rounds up the latest admissions to the rock & roll hospital.

Firstly, there's Crystal Castles singer Alice Glass. As the electro duo worked the crowd at their live show in LA to a frenzy, she suffered an unfortunate bump on the noggin that, according to Ethan Kath, landed her in hospital with a concussion. "I have to like wake her up every two hours and ask her to tell me the date and her name", he revealed.

The carnage continued at the triumvirate concert held by Deerhunter, Dan Deacon and No Age Round Robin in Milwaukee. As the three acts danced merrily together on stage, No Age guitarist Randy Randall collided with Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox. Randall slipped - reportedly on some spilt beer - and hit the ground. The band's booking agent has confirmed he dislocated his shoulder.

The Quietus was dismayed when Jet returned to plague us with their dull brand of cock rock earlier this year, but still felt a twinge of sympathy when singer Nic Cester had to be rushed to hospital half way through their show at the Hard Rock Cafe in London. Cester fainted twice before an ambulance took him to hospital to receive treatment for gastroenteritis, acute vomiting and dehydration.

And finally, rounding up the casualty list is Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody. The only musician not to injure himself during performing, he of the soporific ballad fame was taken to a German hospital after he broke his rib crashing a go-kart into a barrier. "I did say beforehand that I shouldn't be in charge of anything that can go over 20 miles-per-hour, and secondly I am the most accident-prone idiot in the western world", he revealed. "Did I heed my own advice? No! Crash after crash I finished on a particularly nasty one that put me in hospital where I discovered I had a broken rib."