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A Field Day Festival Photographic Review
The Quietus , August 9th, 2009 16:03

The Quietus went to Field Day, got wet, and had a bloody lovely time. Here we present a gallery of photos and words from the festival


The Horrors
Everything else about Field Day is better this year, so it's a shame that the sound on the main stage is being fed through the anus of a festering bull hide. From the start of The Horrors set to its conclusion the volume and the mix of levels is appalling. I'm not usually one to pick holes in such things but it honestly sounds as if the sound crew are intent on sabotage. How can they not hear the wrongness? Primary Colours' guitar cacophony is reduced to a dull hum, the bass is muddy and overpowering, gutting the record of all its treble-held momentum so that 'Three Decades', instead of being pill-seizures on a fairground waltzer, is obliterated into lumpen baggy nothingness. The Horrors seem aware that their entire set sounds like a terrible white-man-dub remix and they beg technicians to raise the volume with fingers jutting skywards, but to little avail. You can understand they don't want complaints from hacked off locals, but if you're gonna do noise pollution, at least do it properly. KK