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Supersonic In Review: Podcast And Photo Gallery
The Quietus , August 6th, 2009 10:15

Our favourite extreme/alt festival, Supersonic, was a corker this year. Here's our podcast and gallery of highlights


Thorr's Hammer
If you thought blackened doom was a pompous subgenre of an overtired form, inhabited by hairy, depressed men whose idea of ambition is their perpetual search for the brown note, then think again, o best beloved. For original blackened doom heroes Thorr's Hammer are fronted by blonde, snappily-dressed sylph Runhild Gammelsaeter, sporting glitter eyeliner and smiling delightedly whenever she's not delivering the most blisteringly harsh vocals known to mankind. Sunn 0))) stalwarts Greg and Stephen seem equally delighted to be reminded, and set about their riffs like stink. Absolutely amazing. PD