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Twilight Sad On Whoring & Quietus Gig
The Quietus , August 3rd, 2009 12:03

Lexington show on Wednesday

Next Wednesday, August 5th, The Quietus will be hosting The Twilight Sad and support Factory Floor at the Lexington on Pentonville Road, London town. You can go here to buy tickets.

We thought this was as good an opportunity as any to have a chat with the Scotsmen and find out about their new album, Forget The Night Ahead, and ask the question - if they did become a prostitute (as there new single claims), how much a bit of how's yer father cost The Quietus?

Hullo Twilight Sad, how are you today?

Hello (correct spelling) there! I am in fine form today. I stayed up late last night watching a programme on BBC iPlayer about a 78-year-old wrestler called Dave Kidney from dundee. check it out, it was braw (Scottish word for good) so I slept in today, then later I am going go-karting because my neighbour gave me a voucher cause he can't use it. It's all go up north. Gonna run some teenagers off the track and destroy thier dreams of becoming the next Lewis Hamilton. He's a boring fucker.

What can those at the Quietus gig expect from Twilight Sad?

Well it all depends on how much alcohol you supply us with, we perform a lot better with a substantial amount of booze, hint hint! You can expect a loud musical experience with pyrotechnics and dancing haggis. Also five miserable cunts playing miserable music, having a good time doing so.

If you ever did become a prostitute, what would your rates be like?

I usually have a spreadsheet with all our rates, what you can get for however many £££££ you are prepared to spend and what not. but I have misplaced that so here is a quick round up:

A night with James = £500 (I like to be wined and dined)

A night with Andy = £490.95 (recently he has been enjoying Sainsburys £1.99 bottles of red wine, so price is reduced if you provide this)

A night with Mark Devine = provide him with a new black Macbook, as he has been banging on about wanting one for ages.

A night with craig orzel = free

Dok has recently got in on the action and because he is new to the game, we are offering him as buy one, get one free.

All prices include vat

All prices are variable due to the service required

Tell us a bit about your new album...

Our new record is called Forget The Night Ahead and we are all very proud of it. It has 11 songs on it about a two month period in my life where things were pretty dark, due to my actions and losing certain important people in my life and the title references that. Basically I either wanted to "forget the night ahead" or I actually did "forget the night ahead" due to many things. It's a pretty intense record, melodic and very dark due to the music and the lyrics. So buy it and don't illegally download it or I will find you and bad things will happen.