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Lars Von Trier's Antichrist and Shocking Body Horror Films
Jeremy Allen , July 24th, 2009 13:15

Antichrist's harrowing scenes of genital mutilation have the power to shock even today's desensitised viewers. Jeremy Allen wonders if the controversy is overshadowing this sophisticated drama. Plus The Quietus collect 10 similarly shocking scenes of body horror.


Total Recall

As Philip K. Dick adaptations go, Total Recall is unique in mostly ignoring the philosophical questions about identity and memory posed by its premise. Just like in The 6th Day Arnie dispenses with moral ambiguity using heavy artillery. There are plenty of grotesque and memorable images but watching the protagonists' heads expanding in the hostile atmosphere, and their eyes bulging out of their bulbous skulls, is one of those unpleasant images for the ages. Too bad their skin stretched back to its original shape so easily — they would have made a great couple.