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Black Sabbath:Bigger And Badder Reissues
Ben Hewitt , June 29th, 2009 12:32

Classic studio albums available

Rock legends Black Sabbath have released deluxe expanded versions of two of their early classic albums.

Their eponymous debut, 1970's Black Sabbath, and their third album, 1971's _Master of Reality, are now available with bonus discs of previously unreleased tracks from the studio sessions.

The track listing for the two albums is as follows:

Black Sabbath

Disc 1 (Original Album):

  1. Black Sabbath

  2. The Wizard

  3. Behind The Wall Of Sleep

  4. N.I.B.

  5. Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games)

  6. Sleeping Village

  7. Warning

    Disc 2 (Tracks 2-9 previously unreleased):

  8. Wicked World (single b-side)

  9. Black Sabbath (studio outtake)

  10. Black Sabbath (instrumental)

  11. The Wizard (studio outtake)

  12. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (studio outtake)

  13. N.I.B. (instrumental)

  14. Evil Woman (alternative version)

  15. Sleeping Village (Intro – studio outtake)

  16. The Warning (Part 1 – studio outtake)

Master of Realities

Disc 1 (Original Album):

  1. Sweet Leaf

  2. After Forever

  3. Embryo

  4. Children Of The Grave

  5. Orchid

  6. Lord Of This World

  7. Solitude

  8. Into The Void

Disc 2 (Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks):

  1. Weevil Woman ’71

  2. Sweet Leaf (studio outtake feat. alternative lyrics)

  3. After Forever (studio outtake – instrumental)

  4. Children Of The Grave (studio outtake feat. alternative lyrics)

  5. Children Of The Grave (studio outtake – instrumental)

  6. Orchid (studio outtake – Tony count-in)

  7. Lord Of This World (studio outtake feat. piano & slide guitar)

  8. Solitude (studio outtake – intro. with alternative guitar tuning)

  9. Spanish Sid (studio outtake – ‘Into The Void’ alternative version)

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