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Oneida Announce August Tour
Ben Hewitt , June 18th, 2009 06:46

Summer dates for psych-rockers

Quietus faves Oneida have released details for a tour of the UK and Ireland this August.

The Brooklyn-based band will play dates to support the release of their new triple record Rated O.

In what is shaping up to be the tour of the autumn, Oneida will play the following dates:

August 17 Brighton, Prince Albert. August 18 London, Garage. August 19 Bristol, The Croft. August 20 Cork, Crane Lane Theatre. August 21 Belfast, Black Box. August 22 Dublin, Whelans.

And to make The Quietus froth at the mouth even more, DIY electro heroes Teeth of The Sea will provide support for the shows in Brighton, London and Bristol.

We caught up with Jimmy Martin from Teeth of the Sea to ask them for their thoughts on the upcoming tour.

How chuffed are TOTS to be playing with Oneida this summer?

We're quite childishly overexcited, to be honest. Oneida have been an inspiration to us for years, and I've never actually seen them live, so I'm doubly chuffed just be getting to see them three nights in a row, never mind supporting them. I've always been impressed by the way they can fling everything they love into their racket and still have it coming out coherent if mildly disorientating. The way they carry themselves, from their attitude and ethos, to their extra-curricular activities, to their website, is a source of inspiration as well. True renaissance men of psychedelia.

For those who don't know Oneida, what track would TOTS recommend?

I've liked all of their last few records, but I think 'Each One Teach One' is the real mind-blower, particularly the title-track and 'Sheets Of Easter'. I can't think of many bands that would have had the balls to render a tune like the latter onto wax. What I've heard of the new 'Rated O' has been fearsome as well, though,and last year's 'Preteen Weaponry' was a righteous salvo and a half. Whilst I hate to get all 2009 about it, most of their older records seem to be on Spotify, so heads everywhere have got no excuse not to check 'em out.

What are TOTS recording at the moment?

Unfashionable as we are, we're gonna do a 12" single later this year, which we're planning to get down in the next month or so, with one killer new tune, a live favourite, and a couple of new versions of an older one. We're also planning on putting together a CDR to sell exclusively at gigs, and of course we're coming up with new stuff for the second album constantly, which is exciting. The only problems are not actually having the time or money to follow through all the ideas we're coming up with.

Any other plans?

We're playing Offset festival in September, which we're very chuffed about as well. There are some great bands already confirmed for that, many of whom I've never seen either, like the ever-controversial Horrors, who I like, Future Of The Left and Factory Floor. Also, it seems like every British metal or hardcore band I currently halfway rate is playing, like Rolo Tomassi and Ghost Of A Thousand. It's gonna be a messy weekend. We're also planning on a follow-up to the Flash Gordon soundtrack show we did last New Years Eve, and I ought not to spill the beans on that one yet in case it doesn't work, but if it does come off it's gonna be ridiculous. And heroic, hopefully.