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Mani: Stone Roses Would Reform For Enough ££
The Quietus , June 9th, 2009 09:14

Hope for Reni hat salesmen

Former Stone Roses bassist Mani has said that his old band probably would get back together if enough cash was put in front of them.

"Ian and John have to get it sorted out and take it from there," he told The Sun "For all the morals and principles that people have, you wave fucking £20million in front of somebody and they change their mind.

"You'll see how their philosophies soon change. John Squire always said he'd never sell out for the money. If he considers it selling it out that's fine, it's alright for people who've earned millions off the royalties.

"There's people digging their heels in. But morals and principles don't put food on the table though, do they?"

Mani added that were the band to reunite, it'd have to be with the original members: "It has to be the four of us - definitely. But if it doesn't happen it's no skin of my nose, as I'm in Primal Scream and having the time of my life."