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Phil Spector Twitter Fake Shocker
The Quietus , June 3rd, 2009 08:57

Author 'fesses up

Phil Spector is not Twittering from prison, it emerged today. Instead, the highly amusing Spector Twitter blog that duped the national press (not us, no siree) was written by an as-yet undisclosed imposter.

"I am NOT Phil SPector," read a Twitter this lunch time. "I made this account as a joke. Befriending a cockroach? c'mon folks... even Phil's not that crazy."

The author of the blog posted that he managed to hoodwink the world because "I copied many of Phil's quotes and I made up half of them. I even fooled many media outlets. It was fun but I feel it has ran it's course."

Most amusingly, the mysterious fraudster explained his message to Yoko Ono's Twitter thus: "To those asking - 'ee ichi nichi yo' means 'Have a nice day' in Japanese. I saw it on @wossy's page. I don't speak Japanese."

So no more will we learn of Spector's fear of losing his wig, the adventures of Wilson the cockroach, or hear Spector recommending that Everett True might like to listen to The Vines.

Our pal concludes with a warning: "Twitter you need to start doing something to combat fake accounts. If I was a malicious person I could have caused damage."