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Dragnet #6: New Music From FaltyDL, Hype Williams And Joy Orbison
Kev Kharas , June 3rd, 2009 12:27

Loitering at the fringes of the MySpace melee

This week's Dragnet hauls in FaltyDL, Hype Williams (хайп вильямс) and Joy Orbison. They squeak and clang and clank and everything.

FaltyDL - 'To New York'
(via RCRD LBL)

If there's one emotion that most defines FaltyDL's debut record, it's curiosity: Love Is A Liability the sound of Andrew Lustman's brain unravelling in tapers of warm rave memory, reaching backwards to touch lightly upon that period in the mid-to-late Nineties where jungle was stolen away from the headz and fucked around with by Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Luke Vibert. For all its awe at those experimenters, the album never feels anything like contrived or unnatural though, possessing a gallant 2-step bounce exemplified best, perhaps, in the questing 'NYG' of 'To New York'.

Hype Williams - Lophophora Mixtape
(via the internet)

Hype Williams - or хайп вильямс, as they've decided to call themselves this week - are an odd, addled bunch. 'Bunch' may be the wrong word - I've no real idea if хайп вильямс are anything more than Roy Nnawuchi, who used to play bass with London-based, Mexico-obssessed Graffiti Island and by all accounts is drinking unnecessary amounts of cough medicine. The Lophophora Mixtape is a revealing glimpse into this half-world of ambiguity and opiated stupor, awkward, lurching, narky as fuck.

Joy Orbison – ‘Hyph Mango’
(via MySpace)

For its first 80 seconds, it’s hard to tell where Joy Orbison’s ‘Hyph Mango’ is going. Spare percussion keeps the track ticking over, while synths swell up as if from some unknowable void, furtive at first, but eventually courageous enough to make themselves heard, at which point the track explodes in heraldic geysers of Garage glee, groaning bass underpinning torques of anonymous diva wail and snare fidget. Queuing up for release through the Doldrums label he runs with the mysterious Impey, the other tracks at the JoyOrb MySpace page are worthy of just as much attention: 22-year-old Peter O’Grady conjuring old 2-step ghosts for redemption on sample clips of ‘J. Doe’, ‘Wet Look’ and the suitably emphatic ‘Fukd’.