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Jack White Questions Dead Weather
The Quietus , May 26th, 2009 06:12

Axeman wondered if he had too many bands on the go

Jack of all trades, master of none, or so the saying goes - could it be applied to indie rock's favourite backwards-looking guitar hero? Jack White has revealed that he was concerned that new project Dead Weather would leave him spread rather thin. Rat pate.

"There was a self-consciousness, I think, but it was after the fact. When we started we didn't even know we were making a record or starting a band," he told Uncut.

"But when you're finishing a project you remember, 'Oh that's right, we have to release this to the lions now.' And people are going to say, 'Oh right, they're both in two-piece guy/girl bands.' They're going to think we did it on purpose."

He added that the band was all about mutual musical inspiration, saying, "It was a happy accident. Everybody involved really inspired each other. If we're hanging out and it's really working, it's unfair for me to say, 'OK sorry. I have this other successful band. Sorry, too busy.' That would be a shame."