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All Tomorrow's Parties Reviewed: Breeders And Fans Strike Back II
John Doran , May 26th, 2009 08:02

The Quietus (in the form of John Doran, Luke Turner, Jeremy Allen, Phil Hebblethwaite, Andrzej Lukowski, Maria Jefferis, Stu Green, Andy Ennis and Edd Westmacott) stumble around Minehead Butlins snapping and scribbling. The luckiest are the ones that died first . . .



Health's early scheduling means that half the ATP attendees are still on the A39 / drinking in their chalets by the time they take to the stage. This leaves their energetic gig as a legendary moment that soon spirals out of control into preposterous myth — during the Quietus' Sunday afternoon steam train ride, we're bombarded with text messages saying that one of the band has been hospitalised with a broken back acquired during a particularly hectic video shoot.